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Erencan Arica

Software Developer

I’m a motivated software developer with over 4 years of experience building web, mobile, and desktop apps using various technologies. I have worked on a range of projects such as augmented reality, and electric vehicles among others. I was involved in successfully leading projects and new features from ideation to launch. Occasionally I do Rest APIs. I’m curious about AI, blockchain and always eager to learn more.

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RadixUI Icons for React Native

An easy-to-use and customizable React Native icon library featuring Radix UI icons.


Shadow generator for Mobile development

Shadow generator tool is a versatile tool that allows developers to easily add shadows to their UI elements in React Native, Flutter, and Swift projects.

Coin Peek, Crypto Currency Tracker

Coin Peek, Crypto Currency Tracker

Developed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals to monitor cryptocurrency prices and market trends in real-time.